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Pets Dog Teeth Cleaning | Pet Teeth Cleaning Kit

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Your pet's bad breath is a bigger problem than you thought!

It's actually a symptom that your pet’s gums have infection-causing bacteria, which can travel to the heart, kidney, and liver.

Product Description: 

Item Type:Pet Teeth Whitening Pen Kit
Material(pen brush):Plastic
Target Audience:Dogs


1. This is a pet tooth whitening pen kit-2 pens-white pen- can penetrate into the gums, remove tartar and stubborn dental stains on the teeth, soften the teeth on the calculus, make the calculus lose and fall off and blue pen-dental care formula, all-round care of oral and gums, anti-inflammatory and bacteriostasis, repair gums, strong teeth, so that teeth more bright and white luster, contains natural plant fresh oral formula, so that the mouth is fresh and natural.
2. The soft brush design is safe for pets.
3. The anti-slip design is convenient for you to operate and help you maintain healthy teeth and a happy lifestyle for your pet.
4. Small head tip for those hard to reach places.
5. It also can prevent from bad breath, repair and pain relief, care of the mouth.

Package Include:
1 x Pet  Teeth Cleaning Pen Kit

Material: Pet Teeth Whitening Pen Kit
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal


Having periodontal diseases is painful for your furry companion. Don’t make them suffer more when brushing their mouth!

This pen’s soft brush makes cleaning painless and less stressful for your pet without causing inflammation while doing the job.

Easy to Use

Do you find it hard to clean your pet’s teeth because of their slippery saliva?
Use this pen instead! With its anti-slip design, the job is made a LOT easier and faster so you can focus more on removing the teeth stains.

Saves You Money

No need to refill the pen with oil over and over again. With just one single drop every sessionyou can cleanse your dog’s entire mouth from stains and bacteria.

Don’t wait for harmful agents in your pet's mouth to infect their organs!

Get this Pet Teeth Repairing Kit TODAY and ensure a healthier life for your four-legged friend!!!

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